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As an experienced environmental engineering firm, we are the company you need

We know how difficult and time consuming it can be to keep your work sites in full compliance with local and federal environmental rules. Bechtol Engineering and Testing (BET) offers a wide range of environmental engineering services to help our customers with wastewater management, pollution control, and waste disposal. All of our environmental engineering services make the process of assessing and monitoring your worksite environmental needs easier and more cost-effective.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
With this initial report, BET identifies your site's existing or potential environmental contamination liabilities. As with the rest of our environmental engineering services, our Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is exacting and thorough. BET's Phase I Environmental Site Assessments are performed in accordance with the latest ASTM El527 Standard.

Phase II Environmental Assessment Services
If BET's expert environmental engineers conclude that there is a likelihood that your worksite is contaminated, they will initiate a Phase II Environment Assessment. This phase is more extensive, in that it includes the actual collection and analyzing of soil, groundwater, and building material samples. BET's environmental engineering services will detect hazardous petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents. BET's Phase II Environmental Site Assessments are performed in accordance with the latest ASTM E 1903 Standard. Upon request, BET will exceed the ASTM E 1903 Standard by testing for lead, asbestos, and other contaminants not required by ASTM Standards.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Site Assessment Services
BET's environmental services include complete site assessment following applicable FDEP rules for petroleum contamination (Rule 62-770) and non petroleum contamination (Rule 62-780). BET will assess the presence and extent of contamination of all media (soil, groundwater, etc.). BET's environmental engineering services include thorough and complete soil and groundwater sampling services. BET will screen your samples for all potential toxins and contaminants applicable to your specific site and environmental situation.

Solid Waste Engineering Services
BET has years of experience successfully permitting solid waste disposal and recycling facilities. Our complete environmental engineering services include monitoring of your site's compliance with all applicable FDEP rules and permit conditions. For more information about Bechtol Engineering and Testing's environmental engineering services, please contact us.

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