Commercial / Retail

Bechtol Engineering supports clients with commercial and retail developments by providing valuable services in the areas of geotechnical and foundation engineering, environmental site assessments and construction materials testing. Types of commercial and/or retail projects include light and heavy-duty industrial developments, office buildings, restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, multi-family structures, multi-story hotel structures.



Bechtol Engineering provides a wide range of consulting engineering and testing services that are vital to the needs and operations of various state and local government agencies. Being located in the county seat, Bechtol Engineering has the ability to respond quickly to the local government needs. Our services generally fall under the categories of: geotechnical investigation, exploration and design, construction materials field and laboratory testing and special inspections, environmental consulting includes: groundwater investigations,  environmental assessments, pavement inspection, evaluation, and design

Private Sector

Our family-friendly staff has hands-on experience with private and residential developments. From single-family residential developments to consulting for home-owner associations and private entities, Bechtol Engineering prides itself on providing quick and thorough engineering evaluations and recommendations to clients in need.

Disaster Recovery/Response Relief

During periods of inclement weather and adverse conditions, Bechtol Engineering has worked with local government agencies to provide emergency engineering evaluations and consulting services for post-disaster recovery operations.