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Geotechnical Engineering, Testing and Inspection Services in Florida

We have been offering geotechnical testing, inspection and geotechnical engineering services in Florida for over 20 years. The experts at Bechtol Engineering and Testing will come to your worksite and use state-of-the-art methods and machinery to analyze, test, and evaluate the geotechnical related aspects of your project. Our geotechnical engineering services offer a wide array of benefits including preliminary feasibility studies, slope stability analysis, geotechnical studies, foundation settlement evaluation, and sinkhole evaluation.

Soil Testing Services
At Bechtol Engineering and Testing, our soil related testing services include subsurface soil borings, field and laboratory soil identification, and classification testing. This geotechnical engineering service is critical to ensure that your soil is adequately prepared to support building foundations, pavement sections and other structural improvements.

Stormwater and Groundwater Engineering
BET offers our clients soil borings, soil permeability testing, stormwater recovery analysis and groundwater flow modeling. These crucial geotechnical engineering services provide our customers the data necessary for proper design and permitting of stormwater management systems. At BET, we utilize cutting-edge technology and years of experience to bring the most innovative geotechnical engineering services to our customers. To learn more about our wide variety of services, contact us today.

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