Bechtol Engineering and Testing (BET) offer our customers industry leading and all-inclusive construction materials testing and engineering services. All of our services are completely customized to our clients’ engineering and testing needs.

Soil Testing Services

Bechtol Engineering and Testing (BET) will analyze and thoroughly test your construction site’s soils. Our construction materials engineering services for soil include field monitoring and testing,compaction and stabilization, shallow subsurface studies, and laboratory identification and classification. All of these tests provide assurance that worksite soils can sustain your current or future construction.

Concrete Beam Testing and other Concrete Testing Services

At BET, our construction materials testing and engineering services can help you with all your concrete testing and engineering needs. Our experts will monitor not only your construction site but also all ready-mix plants and concrete products plants. We also test concrete cylinders and beams and evaluate in-place hardened concrete.

Asphalt Thickness Testing and other Asphalt Testing Services

BET’s industry leading construction materials testing and engineering services will handle all your major asphalt concerns including extraction and gradation, field density and thickness checks, and plant and field monitoring. BET also offers FDOT approved superpave asphalt mix designs.

Florida Department of Transportation Quality Control

Our construction materials testing and engineering services all come with the highest level of FDOT quality control available. BET’s custom services include a FDOT quality control manager, laboratory, and field QC for your asphalt, soils and concrete and a team of CTQP certified inspectors.

Please feel free to contact us to schedule or inquire about our Construction Materials Testing & Monitoring today!