Bechtol Engineering is a full service consulting geotechnical, environmental, foundation design & underpinning and construction materials testing engineering firm with 30 years of experience servicing the commercial/retail market, governmental agencies, private sector and providing post-disaster recovery response relief. Bechtol Engineering has the capability of providing drilling, field sampling, lab testing, inspection, site assessments, engineering analysis and reporting for various clients. We utilize AutoCAD for site maps and drawing plan sheets and are fully integrated with GPS mapping for self-locating field borings and sample locations.

Sanford RiverWalk

Sanford RiverWalk is one of the most ambitious and complicated construction projects the City of Sanford has undertaken and is considered one of the state’s most scenic bike and pedestrian paths. Part of a comprehensive downtown revitalization plan, the new RiverWalk will eventually extend two miles and connect with the Volusia County trail system. Construction consists of a new seawall, new and relocated utilities, new roadway, traffic signalization, 10-foot-wide bike and pedestrian walkway, hardscape, plaza development, and landscaping. This project is one of Bechtol Engineering’s largest undertakings to date. BET reviewed preliminary plans with the project Civil Engineer in order to discuss project requirements and coordinate scope of services. BET then completed geotechnical explorations relative to proposed sheet pile retaining wall construction, roadway and sidewalk improvements, and associated lighting improvements. Utilizing a combination of truck-mounted, track-mounted and barge-mounted drill rigs, BET has conducted more than 140 borings for this project in Lake Monroe, along the general alignment of proposed new sheet pile walls, along proposed roadway and sidewalk improvements and in potential areas of light pole foundation construction. BET evaluated the site’s subsurface soil and groundwater conditions, and collected soil samples for classification testing. BET’s laboratory conducted a series of classification tests on selected samples and prepared a geotechnical report which summarized BET’s findings, evaluations and recommendations.

Stetson University: Sandra Stetson Aquatic Center

Located on the banks of Lake Beresford, about 7 miles away from Stetson University’s main campus, the 110,00 square foot two-story building holds classrooms as well as storage for a variety of boats, devoting space to environmental research and Stetson University’s rowing program. Bechtol Engineering completed geotechnical drilling for the main structure, several auxiliary buildings, parking and drive areas, stormwater retention areas, in addition to conducting borings in Lake Beresford for a proposed dock and pavilion structure. BET’s Engineers reviewed the geotechnical field data and conducted a variety of laboratory tests in order to evaluate physical and strength characteristics of the subsurface soil conditions on site. Based on these characteristics, field/laboratory data and the information provided by the project Architect and Structural Engineer, BET was able to provide foundation, earthwork, pavement and stormwater related design recommendations for the proposed development.

RaceTrac Petroleum Gas Station

Bechtol Engineering has a very extensive and progressive relationship with RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, RaceTrac is an American corporation (founded in 1934) that operates a chain of gasoline service stations across the Southern United States. BET has completed geotechnical studies for more than 40 existing and/or new service stations across the state of Florida. Many existing RaceTrac service stations are on the verge of full renovations and require geotechnical testing for outdoor seating areas and building additions. BET also completes preliminary site investigations, soil borings (via truck-mounted, track-mounted and/or ATV-mounted drill rigs), laboratory testing and report preparations for new RaceTrac developments. Engineering evaluations include preliminary short and long term settlement analyses for building foundations, recommendations for canopy foundations, Underground Storage Tank (UST) foundation preparations, pavement section recommendations and applicable earthwork recommendations.

Sinkhole Evaluations

Sinkholes are a common feature of Florida’s landscape. They are only one of many kinds of karst landforms, which include caverns, disappearing streams, springs and underground drainage systems, all of which occur in Florida. Early morning on September 17, 2018, a nearly circular depression developed on a vacant, undeveloped property owned by Stetson University in DeLand. Bechtol Engineering was called on-site during the early hours in order to cordon the area and conduct a sinkhole evaluation. The open hole was partially filled with +/-15 cubic yards of flowable fill and was found to be relatively stable the next day. It was then filled to near surrounding grade with 72-yards of granular fill soil. Once this stable working platform was developed in the area of the depression, BET mobilized our truck-mounted drill rig and conducted a Standard Penetration Test (SPT) boring directly in the depression to depth of 110’ (to limerock). Review of the soil samples and field SPT data revealed the presence of a “solution cavity” between depths of 72 and 109 feet below the existing ground surface. Appropriate recommendations were provided to the client and the area remains under close observation to this day.