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Structural Engineering Monitoring Services

At Bechtol Engineering and Testing, we offer our customers a wide range of structural engineering monitoring services. These testing services help ensure structural safety and stability to our customers in the heavy-duty construction industry, as well as their customers and end users. Our structural engineering monitoring services cover all stages and aspects of construction, from initial site and foundation testing to in-process monitoring, to non-destructive testing for completed structural components.

Pile Load Testing Services
We perform these tests to ensure that your foundation piles are capable of supporting the necessary design load for on-site safety and structural integrity. Like all of our structural engineering monitoring services, our static and dynamic pile load services can also help to provide information for a more cost efficient design.

Pavement Engineering Services
Bechtol Engineering and Testing's structural engineering monitoring services take the guesswork out of pavement installation and maintenance with our excellent pavement engineering services. We evaluate, test, and inspect your pavement to ensure that it can withstand the demands of soil, traffic, and drainage changes. Our pavement engineering and failure studies will also help you determine how best to build or improve pavement to meet those demands, if necessary. For more information about our structural engineering testing and monitoring services, please contact Bechtol Engineering and Testing.

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