We provide soil testing services throughout Florida. Our soil testing services include: subsurface soil borings, field and laboratory soil identification and classification testing. Soil boring tests performed by our licensed Florida soil testing engineers can reveal the ability of the soil to support proposed improvements or determine the properties of a building foundation. Some soil borings are obtained by using drill rigs with conventional rubber tires and some locations require an all terrain rig. Soil boring reports provide information such as: soil strata description, bearing capacities for each soil layer, foundation design best suited for the soil conditions and anticipated construction problems. As such, soil testing is integral to the rendering of comprehensive geotechnical engineering services.

Bechtol Engineering’s drilling equipment includes a fully operational land-based drill rig. Our drill rig is operated by a drilling foreman with an average experience of more than 18 years. To ensure the safety of our staff, each drilling foreman is supported by a driller’s helper trained in technique, safety and quality. Bechtol Engineering may subcontract all-terrain drill rigs, specialized portable tripod drill rigs and self-propelled barge-mounted drill rigs that provides us access to difficult locations and navigate tight spaces.

Bechtol’s drilling equipment is owned by Bechtol Engineering and available to support our client’s needs, this is important when schedules are short and subcontract drillers are too busy to meet the needs of a project.

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